Where to buy Collamask?


Where to buy Collamask? What is presented as a revolutionary novelty in the field of cosmetics is purchased online.

Presented as a revolutionary product, this cream is essentially based on collagen, a constituent protein of the skin that begins to disappear with age, causing the onset of wrinkles and other signs of age.

Amino acids are responsible for the health of skin, hair and nails. Creatine is the most important factor in this function, especially creatine, which is essential for the energy metabolism of all cells (therefore also of the skin). Creatine is formed by the synergy of two other amino acids, arginine and carnitine. Creatine, in turn, is of fundamental importance for collagen formation. A specific amino acid pool is included in the formulation of Collamask, precisely to promote the endogenous production of collagen by the organism (which after 40 years stops producing it significantly).

Collamask's formulation contains other ingredients known in cosmetics for their beneficial properties such as blue clay. This type of clay is probably the least known and least used in cosmetics. Also known as rapan, it is used for skin care, in particular to purify oily skin from excess sebum.

Sodium alginate revitalizes and moisturizes the skin by promoting cell renewal and eliminating toxins that cause impurities and blackheads.

Collamask is a product on sale exclusively online and you can buy it by filling out a special form with your data. It is possible to take advantage of periodic offers that are practiced through the site. Generally, a mask package costs 59 Euros, but you can even pay 39 Euros, plus shipping costs, which may vary depending on the recipient's geographical location.


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