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I blew out my right shoulder about 5 years ago. I tried all the methods Physio, weight training etc. and nothing worked. The pain was always there. I heard about Laser Therapy through a friend and thought I would give it a try, what did I have to lose. I had 10 sessions of Laser Therapy and played softball through the therapy sessions to boot. I have been pain free for about 2 years now and throwing a ball has not been an issue since. I would highly recommend Laser Therapy as it did wonders for me.

Steve B.

After diving for a line drive I fell awkwardly on my shoulder and slightly tore my rotator cuff. After my Laser sessions, not only was I playing again, but I was totally 100% painfree, and was able to go on a golf vacation for a week. Many of my friends have now gone for treatments after seeing how well it worked for me. Avoiding a painful surgery and rehab was another benefit of Laser Therapy.

Anthony G.

My son was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters disease, which is a very painful leg condition with virtually no cure. The use of Low Intensity Laser Therapy not only reduced some swelling but took away most of the pain and allowed my Son to continue playing competitive basketball. He has also had a sprained ankle treated which healed in a much quicker time frame than past injuries.

Karen G.

After putting up with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, I looked at Laser therapy as my last, non surgical opportunity to get better. After a series of sessions not only did the pain subside but my range of use for my hand was greatly increased and the sense of relief was huge. I”d recommend Laser Therapy.

Helen S.

I have been a patient of the Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy for numerous years. I find Dr. Petermann and his staff to be very knowledgeable in all areas of keeping good health. In times of pain they are very flexible in ensuring I get in at the earliest opportunity to see them. Thanks to them I am now on a maintenance program and feeling very well.

Kim G.

I suffered with chronic knee pain for the past 30 years. I stopped playing sports which I loved very much and was eventually not being able to perform my job as my job demands me too. I was approached by my arthritis specialist to partake in a study using lasers at Mac Master Hospital to which I declined. Later in the year, my wife started receiving laser treatments for her shoulder at Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy and told me that I should come in and check out their orthotics. I did come in and they gave me an initial assessment and told me about the laser. I actually got a treatment on my knee that day. I couldn’t believe that after one treatment the pain had subsided to the point where I felt confident in my ability to do my job again. Now after seven treatments I have been pain free and keeping an open and positive mind, which I feel helps in the healing process. I am finally going back to playing sports that I so dearly miss playing. I would like to than k the staff at your Stoney Creek office. Thank you.

John H.

My name is Ann M and I have been a patient of Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy since 2005. I have received activator adjustments, manual adjustments, cold laser therapy, Active Release Therapy and massage therapy. I now benefit of a wellness maintenance schedule. My ailments have virtually disappeared with convenient appointments.

This means living a life without limits, I can just get up and go do the activities I love without having to worry about pain. This also means that I am able to be pain free for my daily routine of work, chores and more.

At every visit you can be assured of being greeted with a smile and receive personalized attention to your situation. Not to mention the professional table side manners. Even with a last minute appointment, you can be sure of having the full attention of the doctor (Dr. Mike).

Anne M.

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