Jelly to increase penis – Titan Gel – the price, where to buy? Posology, advice on the forum and effects of application

There are many men who complain about their sex life - really, every man, from time to time, concludes to the simple conclusion - "I could be the best lover, my erection could be longer, and the penis bigger". In most cases, we accept this state of affairs, which unfortunately often makes our partner unhappy - especially men's bed problems often appear in such an age when their partner has the greatest sexual needs. - 50% promotion!

However, many men want to do something with this enigma - and that's fine, but there are many solutions through which our penis will be longer, the length of the sex too, simply, we will be much hotter lovers. One of these solutions is Titan Gel - you have to admit it's a pretty popular product, but maybe not so much. We are talking here about the jelly that could be applied to our penis 30-40 minutes before each sexual intercourse. And more or less for 30 seconds. Just after one week of application, our partner will see positive changes. - check the promotion available.

Tribulus Terrestris - steroidal saponins and polyphenols that stimulate increased production of free testosterone. As we know, testosterone is responsible, among other things, for the correct libido level. Research has shown that the application of Tribulus Terrestris extract strengthens the erection, positively influences the libido level and body vitality. It was considered to be the aphrodisiac in ancient Greece, China and India. - Promotional voucher!

Maca root - often called "hypernutrient" Maca is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fatty acids necessary for proper functioning of the body. Among the many properties of Maca, we can mention among others: the stimulation of the organism and the reinforcement of the physical power, the improvement of fertility (increase of the quantity of sperm and their movement), the positive influence on the level of libido in both men and women.

Guarana extract - eliminates nervous tension, physical and mental fatigue, improves mood. After applying Titan Gel with guarana extract, the body becomes tired considerably slower after exertion due to the high level of natural caffeine that is gradually released. Thanks to this, the high energy level is maintained by a few hours. Guarana could act as an aphrodisiac.

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Epimedium Sagittatum - it is a natural plant extract from the Berberaceae family. It is used in the East as a strong aphrodisiac. Icarine, contained in it, is the flavonoid that increases blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, strengthening and prolonging the time of erection. Icarine increases the level of neurotransmitters that are responsible for sexual stimulation.

This product, above all, allows to have a few centimetres more in the length and width of the penis. During the first two months of application, the penis lengthening can be observed even by 1.5 cm! 

Erections will require longer and harder erections, thanks to which penis tenderness will increase. After two weeks of regular application of the gel Titan, it is noticeable that the penis increases its volume, and sexual intercourse lasts longer. After 4 weeks the penis could be even longer by 4 cm.  Endurance and sexual condition are also increased.

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 Some effects seem to be surprising, but we can see the question: how do we apply this cream? To improve your sex life, it should be applied about 30-40 minutes before bedtime. To spread the jelly evenly, cover the penis at the base with your thumb and forefinger and slide it towards the glans a few times. Best results could be achieved after approximately 4 weeks of regular application.  Caution: Jelly is not a contraceptive. If you know how to apply it, you may be surprised that it can be used with vacuum pumps, penis extenders, and also as an additive to special exercises increasing the penis.

You're probably curious what side effects there are after Titan Gel. The answer is simple: there is no such thing after Titan Gel - opinions confirm it.  The all-natural composition of Titan Gel ensures absolute safety, without fear of health and side effects. - the official website

This product is the ideal choice for every man who wants to improve his health and well-being.

Titan Gel

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