Chocolate slim…. be careful!

Today I want to talk about the slimming drink Chocolate slim, whose advertising at the limit of the legal I have been impressed not only by their massive presence on the social, but also because they "play" with a very serious food disorder, showing photos of very thin girls and suggesting that the product in question should NOT be taken, otherwise you lose a lot of kilos and above all you can not abuse, or you can reach 40 kilos weight.

Clearly, the alert is fake, the message "on the contrary" pushes people to buy the product, lured by the strong weight loss, the photos of girls are taken from the internet. People, however, casca there, ending up paying 120 euros for a slimming drink that in theory should make you lose 12 kilos per month and contain the following ingredients:

extract of ganoderma mushroom, green coffee, goji and acai berries, ganoderma mushroom extract, chia beans, cocoa.

Now, apart from the ganoderma I have already expressed my doubts here, but green coffee has known for years that it doesn't make you lose weight!

I was talking about it for a dietitian in 2011!!

And do we want to talk about berries? Steps that are antioxidants, but this will certainly not be enough to make you lose weight.

And the seeds of chia? By charity, they satiate, they have the omega3, but in themselves they do not bring down the kilos.

And finally cocoa. Dai. Cocoa. If cocoa were to lose weight, we would all be dragonflies.

The famous "fat burning action" of certain foods, always if any, is really negligible in terms of actual body slimming, the fact that something has a fat burning action does not mean that it will make you lose weight, it means that it carries out an action, as we do not know. To understand what it means, let's think of our body as a palace, and food x as a match. A match, if lit, emits the light of the flame, so it is not wrong to say that it has "an illuminating action". But can we say that it can illuminate an entire building with its light?

Would it be stupid to believe it, not? It takes more than that to illuminate a building!

Likewise, you have to think about the fat burning action of certain foods.

Celery, for example, has a fat-burning action. Because of its fibres and because of some antioxidant substances such as apigenin, we can actually say so. But what range of action do you have?

And now let's go back to Chocolate Slim. 

Given that the above six ingredients do not make you lose weight, we discover by reading the ingredients that this slimming drink does not even have them. Fantastic! Just read the product info and read the reviews of those who bought it. And what does it contain then?


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