Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

Garcinia cambogia is the fastest selling weight-loss supplement on the market right now. With a growing concern for obese individuals in the country, losing weight is a big deal. There is a lot of speculation on whether or not garcinia cambogia really works, and you have probably asked yourself, “Does Garcinia Cambogia really work?” This supplement works in a few different ways for optimal fat-blasting power.

It Is An Appetite Suppressant

Garcinia extract is an appetite suppressant. The main compound in the supplement reduces your appetite so you don’t want to binge on sugary foods or fried foods. These are often trigger foods for people who want to lose weight. It’s much better to suppress your appetite and fill your meals with mostly plant-based whole foods like fruits, vegetables, certain grains and lean proteins.

It Triggers Fat Burning

One of the major benefits of pure garcinia extract is that it triggers fat burning. This works because of the HCA compound in the supplement. It signals your body to get rid of those fat stores that are lingering around your waist, hips and thighs. These are the most stubborn areas to lose fat from, and this supplement certainly helps with the hard-to-lose fat.

It Increases Energy

Alongside the great benefits of burning fat and suppressing your appetite, Garcinia Cambogia also increases your energy levels. Since you will be losing weight and eating better foods, you will become more energetic. Garcinia extract increases this effect. It’s a great feeling to feel like exercising and moving around, and this will of course, help aid in your weight loss.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that you have to put in some effort too. You have to want to lose the weight. You have to eat well and exercise daily. Garcinia cambogia can really work for you if you follow a program religiously and make the results happen.

Patient Success Stories

Video Testimonials

Click on any of the images below to view a video testmonial of how Laser Therapy''s Pain Management Program worked for them.

Written Testimonials

I blew out my right shoulder about 5 years ago. I tried all the methods Physio, weight training etc. and nothing worked. The pain was always there. I heard about Laser Therapy through a friend and thought I would give it a try, what did I have to lose. I had 10 sessions of Laser Therapy and played softball through the therapy sessions to boot. I have been pain free for about 2 years now and throwing a ball has not been an issue since. I would highly recommend Laser Therapy as it did wonders for me.

Steve B.

After diving for a line drive I fell awkwardly on my shoulder and slightly tore my rotator cuff. After my Laser sessions, not only was I playing again, but I was totally 100% painfree, and was able to go on a golf vacation for a week. Many of my friends have now gone for treatments after seeing how well it worked for me. Avoiding a painful surgery and rehab was another benefit of Laser Therapy.

Anthony G.

My son was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters disease, which is a very painful leg condition with virtually no cure. The use of Low Intensity Laser Therapy not only reduced some swelling but took away most of the pain and allowed my Son to continue playing competitive basketball. He has also had a sprained ankle treated which healed in a much quicker time frame than past injuries.

Karen G.

After putting up with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, I looked at Laser therapy as my last, non surgical opportunity to get better. After a series of sessions not only did the pain subside but my range of use for my hand was greatly increased and the sense of relief was huge. I''d recommend Laser Therapy.

Helen S.

I have been a patient of the Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy for numerous years. I find Dr. Petermann and his staff to be very knowledgeable in all areas of keeping good health. In times of pain they are very flexible in ensuring I get in at the earliest opportunity to see them. Thanks to them I am now on a maintenance program and feeling very well.

Kim G.

I suffered with chronic knee pain for the past 30 years. I stopped playing sports which I loved very much and was eventually not being able to perform my job as my job demands me too. I was approached by my arthritis specialist to partake in a study using lasers at Mac Master Hospital to which I declined. Later in the year, my wife started receiving laser treatments for her shoulder at Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy and told me that I should come in and check out their orthotics. I did come in and they gave me an initial assessment and told me about the laser. I actually got a treatment on my knee that day. I couldn’t believe that after one treatment the pain had subsided to the point where I felt confident in my ability to do my job again. Now after seven treatments I have been pain free and keeping an open and positive mind, which I feel helps in the healing process. I am finally going back to playing sports that I so dearly miss playing. I would like to than k the staff at your Stoney Creek office. Thank you.

John H.

My name is Ann M and I have been a patient of Canadian Laser & Pain Therapy since 2005. I have received activator adjustments, manual adjustments, cold laser therapy, Active Release Therapy and massage therapy. I now benefit of a wellness maintenance schedule. My ailments have virtually disappeared with convenient appointments.

This means living a life without limits, I can just get up and go do the activities I love without having to worry about pain. This also means that I am able to be pain free for my daily routine of work, chores and more.

At every visit you can be assured of being greeted with a smile and receive personalized attention to your situation. Not to mention the professional table side manners. Even with a last minute appointment, you can be sure of having the full attention of the doctor (Dr. Mike).

Anne M.

What is matcha green tea?

Matcha is a high-quality powdered green tea often used in cooking. Matcha powder is most commonly used in Japanese-style dishes such as soba, green tea flavored ice cream, or mocha. While the powder is great for cooking, it has also been used as a drinking tea for many years. Several blends of drinking tea also include matcha for its excellent blending ability and superb taste. Because of its high antioxidant content, matcha is often used as an herbal remedy. In addition, matcha has a calming effect that keeps the drinker alert.

Using matcha is convenient as well as healthy. The matcha can also be dissolved directly into water to be made into a hot tea. The powder contains the entire leaf and is dissolved into water quickly. Tea bags are not needed and the powder does not have to be steeped. The powder keeps its potency after dissolved, making it a favorite among those who enjoy green tea.

Pricing matcha depends on its quality after it is produced, which is defined as a grade. Premium grades, or tea grade, is often used for drinking. The grade of the tea is determined by the leaf location on the tea bush, grinding, oxidation, and other treatments done to the leaves during processing. One of the biggest keys to the grade is the tea bush itself because only the highest quality leaves are used in matcha. The leaves located on the top of the tea bush are softer and more potent, thus lead to a higher grade of matcha. Each plant is traditionally grown in the shade to increase the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves.

When processing, if the matcha becomes burnt or is exposed to oxygen it is considered a lower grade. The lower grade powder is usually noted by a color or smell change. The color of matcha should be a bright green. Powder that has been exposed to oxygen, for example, will turn brown and begin to develop a slight smell. The higher the quality, the brighter the powder should be.

For thousands of years, green tea

For thousands of years, green tea has been second only to water as the world’s most popular beverage. There are many reasons for this, including not only its refreshing taste, but also the vast array of potential health benefits with which it’s associated. Also known as Camellia Sinensis, green tea has been used medicinally for over four centuries in China, and the drink’s popularity has increased significantly in North America and other Western continents over the past forty years. Most tea lovers enjoy the beverage for its delicious aroma and flavor, as well as its medicinal properties.

Getting Started the Easy Way

There are numerous ways to brew green tea, and most tea drinkers will eventually choose their own favorite method of preparation. It’s not unusual for people to try several brewing techniques until they find the one they like the best.

A simple method for those who are wondering how to make great green tea is simply to brew it in a cup or a bowl. All that you need is a bowl or a cup, boiling water and, of course, the tea itself. However, it’s important to use only good quality tea for the best results. That’s because, similar to other products, the cheapest brands of tea don’t’ always provide the best quality.

To begin the brewing process, the tea should be placed in an even layer at the bottom of a cup or bowl. Next, boiling water should be added and the tea should be allowed to sit for approximately one minute. At this point, you should take a sip of the beverage to see if it’s reached a strength that pleases your palate. If not, simply allow the tea to keep brewing until it’s reached the desired strength. It’s a good idea to sip the mixture at least once every minute until you’re satisfied with its taste. From then on, you’ll know exactly how many minutes it takes to brew your perfect cup of green tea.

Other Brewing Methods

As previously mentioned, there are various methods for preparing the perfect cup of green tea. However, it’s best to use the cup-or-bowl method initially so that you can learn how to make it to your individual taste. After that, you’ll probably want to try other brewing methods, such as preparing the tea with a Japanese teapot, a classic teapot, a mug or a gaiwan. Tea lovers will find that it’s fun and interesting to explore the various methods for preparing green tea. You’ll find other helpful suggestions and tips on the what is good green tea page .You’ll also want to be sure to explore the website before purchasing any green tea. It provides additional information and tips that will ensure that you’re investing in only the best quality tea.

With its long and interesting history, green tea is sure to remain a popular favorite among tea drinkers throughout the world, and to gain more fans, because few beverages boast both the delicious flavor and the proven health benefits that have made green tea renowned. Start brewing today!

Green Tea Capsules

Green tea capsules carry the same advantages as drinking green tea in general. Along with these, green tea capsules offer other advantages:

Green Tea Capsule Advantages:

  1. No caffein green tea capsules are available, No caffein inconvenience, drinking 10 cups of liquid green tea
  2. you can carry them with you anywhere, very convenient
  3. a single capsule is typically equivalent to drinking 4 cups of tea
  4. no need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners, capsules have no taste, Especially convenient
    when seeking green tea weight loss properties

That said, green tea capsules’ difference compared with supplements is they’re not made using component extaction procedures concentrating some components of the green tea leaves to maximize some effect or benefit, the makers are looking for.

Green tea capsules are made mainly by choosing the leaves in which the concentration of the various components fall into a particular standard, and these are then dried to an advanced degree before the antioxydants and the other components have had the time to become altered.

So, basically what you have in capsules are concentrated tea leaves in a very dried state. Some of those capsules are cryogenic dried tea leaves that occupy very little volume. “About 85 percent of the fresh weight of leaves can be water“ so just by removing close to all the water from the tea leaves, makers could theorically reach a concentration approaching 7 to 1. Just by removing the water present in tea leaves.

Studies show that in order to get the full benefits of drinking green tea, you need to drink at least three (and up to 10) cups of brewed green tea per day. Many people miss out on its unique benefits because they don’t like the taste or because they don’t want to bother with brewing it from loose tea or tea bags.

Some of the main advantages of green tea:

  1. natural glucose regulator
  2. natural cholesterol regulator
  3. powerful natural antioxydant
  4. natural mild fat burner through a thermogenesis process that has a preference in burning fats over sugars
  5. natural antioxydant activity slowing the growth of tumor cells mainly because of presence of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in high concentrations (. EGCG was found to be twice as powerful as resvetatrol found in wine drank by French, to limit the negative effects of smoking and having a fatty diet in a research study conducted in 1997 at University of Kansas.)
  6. natural Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibitor, which makes green tea a natural high blood pressure reducer
  7. natural inhibitor of the growth and of the creation of new fat cells.
  8. inhibits the formation of abnormal blood clots, by LDL cholesterol reducing activity of its antioxydants
  9. green tea can help your diet. Study results of research conducted in University of Switzerland, published the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 1999, show that men given a combination of caffeine and grenn tea extract burned more calories than those who were given caffeine only or a placebo.
  10. Green tea can help prevent tooth decay! Green tea’s bacteria destroying capabilities can help prevent food poisoning and can also kill the bacteria that cause dental plaque. (This is hard to beat!) And skin preparations containing green tea, from dodorants to creams, are beginning to appear on the market.

Harmful Effects

  1. The only negative side effect reported so far is insomnia due to the caffeine contained in green tea.

Intriguing Facts:

Herbs for Health magazine cite a japanese epidemiologic report stating that men who drank 10 cups of green tea per day stayed cancer free three years longe than men who drank less than 3 cups a day. The same study showed that there are fewer recurrances of breast cancer and that the disease spread less quickly in women with a history of drinking five cups or more of green tea daily.

A study by Cleveland’s Western Reserve University concluded that drinking four or more cups of green tea per day could help prevent rheumatoid arthritis completely, or reduce symptoms in individuals already suffering from the disease.

Those are some of the numerous benefits found to be confirmed by modern occidental science. Others might emerge later on. The scientific investigation on green tea is continuing.

And for the only negative effect so far reported, insomnia, decaffeinated green tea capsules, and supplements, easily solve the problem.